Wood Pellets

wood pelletsWood pellets are made by highly densified wood pieces of hard wood which can be used as a main source of heating fuel. The main characteristics are their low humidity and clean composition of wood therefore contributes to high calorific strength during the combustion. The pellet with the lower humidity and clean composition are characterized as the most effective and efficient for a problem – free combustion.

Wood pellets are used in specialized burners for central heating offering even the possibility of replacing the existing oil burners without major modifications on the boiler.

Our pellets are quality certified ENplus A1, german made with quality assurance for material composition, humidity and ash content.   All these secure the highest calorific value and the lowest ash and emission in the atmosphere.
Pellets are packed in 15kg nylon bags and are transferred in pallets of one tonne with our trucks.



Briquettes are “larger pieces” of briquettes (brick or tube type) which are also made by wood-dust or shaving of solid hard wood and can be used in stoves or fireplaces. Due to their clean composition and highly densified material they provide highly flame for almost 50-60 minutes per tube. This is ideal for stoves which are warming up water and can aid them to do this very quickly.


They split easily and can be fitted into smaller stoves or fireplaces.
They give instant temperature increase  from the very first moments of the combustion as this is very important for the energy fireplaces and stoves during the water warm up period.
The clean composition of the product  equals to higher calorific value, more efficiency combustion, lower Co2 emission and much lower ash.

One tonne of briquette is equal to 3 cbm of usual firewood therefore there are good savings arising from their storage whereas their transportation is much easier.
The deforestation is minimized as the residues from the woodworking industry are fully utilized, the insects are avoided and the chimneys remain clean.

As with the pellets the company is offering quality certified products which are delivered to the customer’s place packed.



Firewood is the main source of heat power from wood in many European countries making this way the most popular one. The firewood burners have highly environmental standards and the most efficient transfer of heat in the places.
We are authorized firewood traders (license no: 129/2014)  therefore  we are liable for the supply of our wood, their source and weather there is a  manageable forest programme in the country they are originated.
They are transferred in pallets of 1cbm or 25kg bags and do not exceed length of 30/25 cm long respectively.

Kindle Fire:

These are smaller pieces of firewood (mix of soft and hardwood) which aid the firing at the early stages. These are offered in 8kgs bags.